SCS's Dell PCs

SCS was the first reseller of Dell PC's . The Dell brand was originally "PC's Limited". This is a 16 MHz 80386 PC running SCO Xenix 386 2.2.4 in 4 MB of static RAM that we called "woodstock". The static RAM made it one of the fastest PC's available at the time. This PC was our first Xenix system. SCO originally sent us a 286 version of Xenix until they shipped a 386 version. One of our first customers used VP/ix, SCO's DOS-under-Xenix package, to run MSDOS versions of our applications through logins over serial terminals.

A close-up of the label on the front left.

Dell's next model was this Dell 310, a 20 MHz 386 with dynamic RAM. We called this PC "violet". It runs SCO Xenix 386 2.3.4. The Dell 310 motherboard never worked right. It booted MSDOS OK, but MSDOS used the cpu only in 16-bit mode, while Xenix used the cpu in 32-bit mode, plus Xenix did more multi-tasking. Dell replaced the motherboard a number of times, until they gave up and swapped in a Dell 325 motherboard (with a 25 MHz 386).

The Windows 3.x Showcase

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