SCS's Apple Mac II

Front view. This Apple Mac has a Motorola 68020 cpu . It was the top Mac model from its introduction in March 1987 until Apple introduced PowerMacs in 1994. I maintain a Mac-free office, so I never used any Macs. I couldn't be caught touching a Mac to take these pictures, so I had to wear gloves to keep my reputation intact.

The Apple logo and Mac II label at the front left.

Back view.

The serial number on the left.

The outputs on the lower left.

The insides from the front.

The insides from the left side.

This is a guide from 1989 to A/UX Version 1.1. A/UX was Apple's version of unix for Macs. A/UX was based on an early version of AT&T Unix System V but contained some BSD extensions. We once tried running A/UX but did not have much success. The C compiler supported only K&R C and not ansi C,

Bonus 'toon.

In a world without walls and fences, who needs windows and gates?

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Mac folklore

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