SCS's Sun SPARCstation IPX

Sun gave us this model 4/50 SPARCstation IPX in 1992 to do a Solaris port of our applications. They named the Sun "consulting". It ran Solaris 2.1 in 28 MB RAM. It has a 208 MB internal disk and an external unit with a 669 MB disk and a 150 MB tape drive. The monitor is type 365-1112.

The front of the cpu box.

The SPARCstation IPX label.

The back of the cpu box.

The number on the back.

SunPro SPARCompiler C 2.0.1 Programmer's Guide, part number 800-6578-11, revision A, from October 1992. We used this compiler on our original IPX. The compiler had a single user license and would run only one instance of itself at once. If you tried to start a second compile going, the new compile would wait until the running compile finished. We installed gcc from on our newer systems.

The Sun IPX node name "apollo" running SCS/ClassPag under Solaris 2.6. The top box is an expansion disk drive. The middle box is a CD ROM reader. The bottom box has the CPU and system disk. Note the old-fashioned CD ROM caddy at the lower right.

Solaris joke from Nov 2002:
George Clooney's new movie is called Solaris.
From which we can deduce that it's expensive, slow moving, has lots of bugs and will only make sense on the fifth sequel. - Revised December 04, 2002 09:35:34 PM.
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