I used this IBM PC AT at SCS in the mid-1985's to build Layout-8000 under MSDOS. It had an Intel 80286 running at a whopping 6 MHz. It was over twice as fast as the 4.77 MHz IBM PC XT that I had been using but still only about half as fast as our DEC VAX-11/750 ../vax/vax.html .

Front left with the IBM Personal Computer AT label, the lid lock that we rarely used, and the power light and the disk access light.

Side view showing the giant orange power switch.


Back left. IBM made this PC in Armonk, New York.

Back right. The card on the left has serial and parallel ports. I used kermit to copy files between this PC and our VAX. The video card is on the right, complete with dip switches to set the video mode. It would be several years until ports and video came standard on motherboards. Don't even ask about the mouse...

Inside from the front. The motherboard is on the bottom and extends from the left to the center. The hard disk drive is in the center. The floppy drives and power supply are on the right.

Inside from the back.

Inside from the side. Note that even though this PC has close to a base configuration, almost all of the expansion slot are in use.

The power supply label.

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